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Sabarimala in central Kerala is one of the most visited pilgrimage centre in south Asia. It receives more than 50 million devotees annually, from all religions and backgrounds. The only group forbidden from reaching the steps of the temple is women in the reproducing age.

Located above 1,500ft in Kerala's hilly district of Pathanamthitta, the temple is surrounded by mountains and dense forests. It stands on a plateau, more than 40 feet high. The temple was almost totally destroyed in a fire in 1950, and then rebuilt. The new temple complex is made up of a sanctum sanctorum having a copper-plated roof with four golden finials at the top. There are two mandapams, the belikalpura housing the altar and the 'kodimaram' or the flag staff.

One has to trek miles and climb a portion of the mountain to reach the main temple. The final walk up the golden 18 steps is what takes you close to the sanctum sanctorum.


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